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Kutaisi Georgia Kutaisi Georgia Places to visit in Kutaisi

What to do in Georgia | Kutaisi

On day 4 we arrived in Kutaisi. My first thought was to leave the city as soon as possible. Kutaisi was very grey and sad. The car plunged into holes on the main road. A heavy rain filled the holes with the water which made them difficult to see. Our Hotel in Kutaisi city center was terrible. I had to rebook the place as our plan was to stay in this city for 2 days. 

Satapalia Cave, Georgia Caucasus

The next morning we went straightforward to Satapalia. The place was gorgeous!!! The kids were impressed. We were privileged to see well-preserved dinosaur footprints and the most beautiful forest and the cave Satapalia

Sataplia - 'the place of honey", despite the name has nothing to do with honey. It's a cave complex not far from Kutaisi with dinosaur footprints saved in solidified lava. The name Sataplia comes from the nearby mountain of the same name at which locals collected honey from the bees. The cave Sataplia was discovered in 1925 and ten years later Sataplia Natural Reserve was created here to protect the grotto.

The cave Sataplia and surrounding park were seriously refurbished a few years ago - there are nice paths and viewpoints in the park, a roof over dinosaur footprints was built, the cave is well lit and pleasant to walk. The Stony Heart Hall presents a very impressive beautifully illuminated, huge stalagmite sitting on the cave's floor.

Cave of Prometheus

There is another mysterious cave near the Kutaisi. It is the Cave of Prometheus. The cave is picturesque with a length of 1060 m, near Tshaltubo. The Cave of Prometheus was discovered only in 1983. After having been made ​​the necessary adjustments to lighting and safety of the cave the entire route revealed the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. The route is safe and well lit. The Cave of Prometheus consists of 16 small caves and large halls (21m). The path rises, then descends, passes over underground rivers and lakes. The Temperature is more or less constant at about 15-16 degrees Celsius. You can finish the journey on the boat drifted on the underground lake (about 280 m)

Kutaisi, Imereti

Khinchka Waterfall

The next Destination was Khinchka Waterfall. The distance from Kutaisi to Okatse Waterfall is 56 km. 

There are few things more awe-inspiring than watching millions of gallons of water plummet hundreds of feet down. Kinchka is the most popular canyon in western Georgia. The place is quite wild and uncivilized, but this makes your trip even more attractive and mysterious. The lower canyon is quite popular among tourists because of its trail and viewing platform over the abyss. Upper Canyon is near the village of Zeda-Kinhcha at 1,020 meters above sea level. This place served as baths for the wealthiest people in Georgia. Kinchka Falls is a cascade of waterfalls flowing into the river Okatse. The name of the waterfall comes from the name of a village located near the waterfall. The waterfall is about 100 meters high, located at 1000-1100 meters above sea level. The waterfall is amazing. At the bottom of waterfall Kinchka, there is a small lake of crystal-clear water that descends over a series of rock steps creating the second stage of the waterfall cascade. This waterfall is weaker and smaller - 20 meters.

Waterfall Kutaisi

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