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5 Top Waterfalls must see in Georgia 5 Top Waterfalls must see in Georgia Expats in Tbilisi

There are few things more awe-inspiring than watching millions of gallons of water plummet hundreds of feet down.

Kinchiha is the most popular canyon in western Georgia. A three-stage waterfall Kinchkha is located in the okatse canyon, 50 km from Kutaisi city. The place is quite wild and uncivilized, but this makes your trip even more attractive and mysterious. The lower canyon is quite popular among tourists because of its trail and viewing platform over the abyss. Upper Canyon is near the village of Zeda-Kinhcha at 1,020 meters above sea level. This place served as baths for the wealthiest people in Georgia.

Okatske Waterfall, Georgia Caucasus

At the bottom of waterfall Kinhcha there is a small lake of crystal-clear water that descends over a series of rock steps creating the second stage of the waterfall cascade. This waterfall is weaker and smaller - 20 meters.

The gorgeous Waterfall Kurganinskiy, one can find in Lagodekhie protected area which is also the oldest national park in the Caucasus. A paradise for hikers - the more adventurous ones can go for a 2-3 day trip to see e.g. gorgeous Gurgeniani Waterfall, or one of the glacial lakes, others can simply walk in the forest, find a peaceful place and contemplate the beauty of surrounding nature. The mixed forests look particularly stunning in the autumn when the whole palette of colors is presented. The waterfall is 40 meters high. The path to the waterfall is hard or even extreme, but the views that open from the top are amazing. Just be careful as you walk up since the spray from the waterfalls can make the trail very muddy and slippery!

Lagodekhi Waterfall, Georgia

Lagodekhi by Peretz Partensky

Mahuntseti Waterfall, GeorgiaWaterfall Mahuntseti is actually the big waterfall in Adjara Region. The beauty of the crystal clear water that flows into the gorge, falling from a huge rock. You’ll be mesmerized by plunges water and a moss-covered gorge that create these breathtaking fall. 

Gvelet waterfall is an incredible waterfall, located in Kazbegi district, near the half-abandoned village of Gveleti. If you are going to visit this amazing corner of Georgia, be sure to plan a trip here.

Goderdzi waterfall is located in a beautiful corner of the mountainous Adjara, in the Agata village. One can find a cave behind the waterfall, and take a rest in a recreation room for ten people.

Goderdzi Waterfall, Georgia

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