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The best Georgian Wine The best Georgian Wine The Best Georgian Wine

Georgians say that their country is the birthplace of wine. Indeed, Georgia is among the oldest wine regions in the world - grapevines were cultivated here as long as over 8000 years ago. Even the unique Georgian alphabet is said to be modeled after the shape of the vines curly offshoots. Up to 500 indigenous grape varieties are still cultivated there. Wine is a part of Georgian heritage, including architecture, poetry, and songs, and is associated with celebrations, holidays, rituals as well as with the Christian Orthodox Church. The traditional Georgian winemaking technology using "kvevri" (huge, amphora-shaped, clay vessel placed in the ground) was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

The process of Georgian wine preparation includes 5 basic steps, harvesting, squishing grapes, fermentation, filtering, aging, and bottling. Viniculture was grown here together with the development of society. Georgian winemakers' key concern has always been connected to the new quality standards. Many things have been changed in the production of wine. However, in most remote villages the winemakers preserve ancient traditions and produce handmade wine. Even nowadays you can see a hundred-years' winepresses in some villages. Each year wine festivals are taking place at the beginning of spring. The festival usually takes place in one of Tbilisi's green areas in early May. Travelers, authors, writers, winemakers, and sommeliers from around the globe taste over 60 varieties of the last harvest's outstanding Georgian wine. Once you are there try Georgian barbecues and fresh bread. The festival is accompanied by dances and songs of Georgia.

The quality of Georgian Wine depends mostly on grapes and regions where the grapes are planted and growing. By the way, do you know that each grape seedling is a unique combination of female and male genes? The breeding process is not that easy as you think:) Georgian Wine is mostly produced in Kakheti Region, Kartli, Imereti, and Adjara.

I like unfiltered Georgian wine. You will ask if it is worth tasting an unfiltered Georgia wine? I would say, yes. Especially if you feel that your wine is short on flavor. Unfiltered wines might the thing you would like.


Rkatsiteli- The oldest grapes varieties. The seeds of these grapes were found in clay vessels which dated back to 3000 BC.

Chinuri- One of the famous white grapevine varieties and of high acidy.

Chechipeshi is a Megrelian word meaning ''white-small'' expressing its actual character because of its comparatively small and tenderly structured berries.

Aleksandrouli is the grape growing in Racha. Aexandrouli is used to produce the most qualitative semi-sweet table wines.

Mtsvane is one of Georgia’s most exciting and unique grape varieties. The name actually means green, and it refers to the unusual green color of the fruit when ripe.

Saperavi is a sour grape variety. It is used to produce many of the most common wines in Georgia.

Alexandruli Grapes


Georgian Wines

Saperavi 2014
The Saperavi Wine is literally "paint dye" due to its intensive dark-red color. Saperavi grapes are grown in Georgia's Kakheti region. There are different aromas in wine.

The wine is a naturally semi-sweet, red, made from grapes Saperavi growing in the Gurjaani district. It has a dark garnet color and a rare harmony with the flavors of chocolate, sweet cherry and plump. The alcohol content 10,5-12%, sugar 3-5%, titratable acidity 5-7 g / l. The wine is available on the market since the 1958 year. Akhasheni awarded 6 gold and 5 silver medals.

Alazani Valley
The wines could be red and white. Alazani Red wine is a light red, semi-sweet wine made from a 60% Saperavi, 40% Rkatsiteli grapes. It awarded 3 gold medals and 3 silver medals. The wine is sweet with low acidity.

The wine is a high-end, naturally semi-sweet red, made from the Alexandria & Mudzhuretuli grape varieties cultivated in the Khvanchkara vineyards in Racha, Western Georgia. Wine is made only from ripe grapes that make the wine very sweet. The wine is recommended to the nice finisher.

The wine is a high quality, naturally semi-sweet of dark-red color. It is made from the Saperavi grapes cultivated on the slopes of the Caucasian mountains in the Kvareli district of Kakheti. Kindzmarauli is proud of Georgians and beloved within the expats. The wine is mild with balanced sweetness, smooth tannins, crispy on the tongue, pomegranate and black plum.

Mukuzani is a dry red wine made from 100% Saperavi in Mukuzani, Kakheti with the flavor of strawberry and sweet plum.

The white wine that comes from Telavi and Kvareli, Kakheti Region. Tsinandali is made from Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes. Tsinandali is fermented at cool temperatures and matured only in two to three years. It has a pale golden color and light, pleasant flavor.

It is a white dry wine. Vazisubani is characterized by a light shade of rose color and harmonious flavor. The Vazisubani wine is made of Rkatsiteli and Kakhetian Mtsvane grapes.

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