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What to do Georgia | Caucasus Expats in Tbilisi

Georgia despite its small size (69,700 square kilometers) sustains a remarkable diversity in terms of fauna, flora, and landscape. One can find here subtropical marshes, sea coast, semi-deserts, volcanic plateaus as well as alpine meadows; topped by 5000-meter mountains. Georgia-Caucasus, the melting pot of Europe and Asia, can be called an underdeveloped Switzerland, with some stress on "underdeveloped". It is not to discourage you from visiting, but rather to keep the expectations right.

Georgia is really beautiful, with breathtaking views, mountain-top fortresses, towers and ancient churches, cave cities and remote villages lost in the mountains, but above all full of hospitable and friendly people. You will experience the friendliness already at the airport, where a smiling officer will tell you "Welcome to Georgia-Caucasus" while stamping your passport. You will appreciate it even more if you have ever traveled to any other former Soviet Union country before... ;-) Unfortunately, tourist infrastructure is still underdeveloped and in some places, you can feel an echo of the Soviet times - roads are often bad if existent at all, signs are not always obvious, services offered are very limited and sometimes of poor quality. However the situation is improving - new roads are built, old renovated it is easier to find a decent hotel, there are Tourist Information Centers offering maps of the region in most of the touristic towns. Georgia has a lot of potential in the field of tourism and travel. Hikers, backpackers, mountaineers, bird-watchers, bikers, beach lovers, sightseers, wine and food connoisseurs... Come and see what Georgia has to offer for you. Administratively Georgia is divided into 9 regions 1 independent city of Tbilisi and 2 autonomous republics: Ajaraand Abkhazeti. On the left-hand side menu, you can find some useful tips about what to see ("Regions") and where to stay ("Hotels in Georgia") in all the regions of Georgia. The only region not included is Abkhazeti, which is difficult to access for tourists. 

Is Georgia a good country to live in? Living in Tbilisi

Georgia is a relatively safe country. However, it is not recommended to travel solo. Before going somewhere review Crime and Safety reports. In the year 2018, a young Georgian-American family was killed by Shepherd in Mtskheta Mtianeti Region, which is next to Tbilisi. According to the World Bank, poverty decreased in 2014 but it still affects one-third of Georgia's population. The Salaries in Tbilisi are very low, varies between 200-500 USD per month. In remote areas, the salary might be lower than 200 USD.

Erick Livny covers all topics ranging from economics and culture to entrepreneurship in his Tamada Blog.

The official language is Georgian.

The older population speaks Russian but not the youngest one. It makes communication even difficult because of the younger generation can hardly speak any language except for Georgian. One-third of the Georgian Population lives in Tbilisi.

Transport in Georgia

The city roads in Tbilisi are full of vehicles and the number is increasing each year.

The old European Cars find the second life here. The Tbilisi narrow streets are not built for bicycles. The driving style is very chaotic. If you see a crazy driver who is trying to be the first by the next traffic light, let him or her go. It is very important to be the first and it does not matter in "real current world" or the "next one".:) It seems to me it is very hard to analyze the situation and to see the consequences of crazy driving in advance for some people here. Be prepared, there is no driving culture.

Where to live in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is a very safe city. You can live in any part of it. The wealthiest part of the population is on the right side of the river. Most of the expats are living in Vake, Vera and Saburtalo city districts. American Expats are living in Digomi village which is next to Carrefour Shopping Mall. Usually, when you rent a house you do not pay any service fee. The service fee is covered by the landlord.

How is health care in Tbilisi?

Health facilities are usually owned and operated by the state. Georgia is striving to improve the quality and availability of medical care. In most clinics, you have to pay an extra fee. Dental cost in comparison to European countries is very cheap and the quality is good.

Education in Georgia

There are no best schools or universities in Georgia. All of them approximately the same level. Tbilisi offers a number of internationally accredited IB schools and universities.

Expatriate Communities in Tbilisi

You can find a lot of expatriate communities in Tbilisi. Most of them are private and you need to pay fees.

Where to go for shopping in Tbilisi? Expats Tbilisi

In Tbilisi, you can find everything from high end to the mass market. The main Shopping Mall is Tbilisi Mall. Recently, the new Shopping Mall was opened in Tbilisi, East Point. This shopping Mall is the biggest shopping and entertainment shopping mall in Tbilisi. One can spend there the whole day walking from one store to another. The Dezerter Market is the farmer market in the old city. The biggest farmer wholesale market is in Navtlughi, Tbilisi. This is a huge market with flea sellers, fruits, veggies, chicken, fish, household stuff. A lot of bakery and supermarket shops along the side road. If you like to push people and to be pushed and you are dreaming of walking in mud, this is the right place for you!:)

Once in Tbilisi, you should go to the Tbilisi Flea Market. Do you need an old doll's head or vintage dresses, Georgian art? Here's you can pick of flea markets and second-hand fairs. The Flea Market is on the dry Bridge "Sukhoi Most".

Expats in Tbilisi

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