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Nurata Navoi, Uzbekistan Nurata Navoi, Uzbekistan Travel to Uzbekistan



The city of Nurata is remembered for the story about strangers who wandered for a long time in the desert. They couldn't find a place for the settlement and were starving. Losing any hope to find a place they suddenly saw a ray of light falling down on the surface showing them the only chance of salvation.
The excavations have revealed that Nurata is one of the earliest settlements dating back to the IV century BC. Continuing excavations have revealed a fortress "Nur" (from the Persian language "The Light") The fortress was built by Alexander the Great in the fourth century BC. It was built to protect the agricultural lands from wild steppes and moving sand dunes.
The reason for its earliest settlements is the springs which are found in and near the city. Some people believe that in the story of a meteorite that fell here and formed a source of healing water.
Nurata is the only city in Uzbekistan where a unique underground water system - "kyarizs" has been preserved. Locals still use the system for drinking and irrigation.

Nurata, Uzbekistan

Karatau Mountains

On the southwest slope of the Karatau Mountains, one can find rock paintings that belong to the bronze age. These paintings are dating back to the Neolithic and Eneolithic periods.
Namazgogh Nurata Uzbekistan

Karatau Mountains, Uzbekistan

Lake Aydarkul

The Perl of Kyzilkum desert, the hidden lake Aydarkul could be found in 50km from the city Nurata. The entire desert is hot radiating the heat and the lake is like an unusual beach paradise among the sand dunes, steppe, and hills. The Lake is unique because it is home to more than a hundred species of waterfowl. Eleven species are red-listed.


Yurt Camp

The prominent Yurt camp is just few kilometers from the Aydarkul Lake. Here one can try traditional cuisine and unforgettable views.
Yurt Camp Kyzilkum Uzbekistan

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