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Khorezm Dance

Khorezm Dance expressing love to nature and life. The dance where dancers try to simulate and imitate the different movements of birds. The movements in the dances are clearly sharp or smooth with pauses in poses. The main difference from Bukhara and Khorezm dance is the absence of rotation.
The most popular dance is "Lazgi" which is a kind of lezginka. The Khorezm dance of clanking is very popular both in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The dance is very energetic and very temperamental. Today is the most famous Khorezm dance. This dance is characterized by movements on bent legs, shaking with shoulders like gypsies dance, followed by slight hand movements with ringing bells fixed on them. The Lasgi song consists of a small introduction and three parts. Usually, the dance begins slowly. The nature of the melody is gradually accelerating at the end of the song. Today three types of dance exist in Khorezm, namely: Qayroq lazgisi, Dutor Lasgi, and Surnay Lasgi.

Fergana Dance

A lyrical, soft, graceful and energetic folk dance. The dance is characterized by smoth head, shoulder and waist movements, and coquettish look.
At the end of the performance, the dance is turning to improvisations. The only rule is to keep the hands turned up.


Bukhara Dance

Bukhara dance is similar to Khorezm dances in many ways. It includes a lot of rotations and the main accent here is given to the upper part of the body: arms, shoulders, neck, chest. Usually, during the Bukhara dancers only two simple musical instruments are used- " kairaki "(metal plates somewhat similar to castanets) and" Zang " (spherical bells that are worn as bracelets on the wrists and ankles).

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