Skiing Gudauri and Bakuriani Featured

Skiing in Georgia

What to do in winter in Georgia

Skiing Gudauri

The ski resort is a fast developing ski resort located on the southern slopes of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. Gudauri is about 120 kilometers from Tbilisi and it takes about 1h40mins to get there from the capital. During the last few years, Gudauri has been improving and advancing all the time.

The new ski lifts of different levels have been added recently. The main three levels of ski lifts include the lowest starts at almost 2000 m, while the top station is at more than 3000m. Most of the lifts are open chairs (of different size and speed), but a fast, modern 8-person gondola lift was opened a few years ago.

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London in 1 day

This time I had only two days to discover London. I followed the most important rule for any tourist:-"Plan everything in advance".
London is gorgeous but the public transport is very expensive. If you do not plan your trip in advance you may end up with unexpected expenses. I was confused about the reviews on trip advisor this time. Some of the tourists recommended buying an Oyster card for public transport, some a Travel card. We decided that we would take a Travel card to get unlimited access to all public transport in London with one ticket. It was the best and the cheapest option for our family.

Let me start my story beginning from Heathrow Airport!

5 Best Waterfalls worthy of walk in Georgia, Caucasus Featured

Top 5 Georgia Waterfalls must-see

There are few things more awe inspiring than watching millions of gallons of water plummet hundreds of feet down.

Kiinchiha is the most popular canyon in western Georgia. A three-stage waterfall Kinchkha is located in the okatse canyon, 50 km from Kutaisi city. The place is quite wild and uncivilized, but this makes your trip even more attractive and mysterious.The lower canyon is quite popular among tourists because of its trail and viewing platform over the abyss. Upper Canyon is near the village of Zeda-Kinhcha at 1,020 meters above sea level. This place served as baths for the wealthiest people in Georgia.

waterfallAt the bottom of waterfall Kinhcha there is a small lake of crystal-clear water which descends over a series of rock steps creating the second stage of the waterfall cascade. This waterfall is weaker and smaller - 20 meters.

Around Georgia in 7 days / Day One Featured

Around Georgia in 7 days / Day One


-despite its small size (69,700 square kilometers) sustains a remarkable diversity in terms of fauna, flora, and landscape. One can find here subtropical marshes, sea coast, semi-deserts, volcanic plateaus as well as alpine meadows; topped by 5000-meter mountains. Georgia-Caucasus, the melting pot of Europe and Asia, can be called an underdeveloped Switzerland, with some stress on "underdeveloped". It is not to discourage you from visiting, but rather to keep the expectations right.

Dances Tbilisi Featured

Erisiani Ensemble

You probably have never heard about Erisioni. When you start asking people around they say that these dancers can jump higher than Persian gazelle. They can sing songs in complex vocal harmony. This is the truth but everything amazing and wonderful has its history.

The founder of the Erisioni Ensemble was a singing teacher Lado Angiahvili. Despite the fact that he hadn't absolute hearing and excellent vocal abilities, he decided to invest the money
he earns from the teaching into the ensemble. Later he told that the strong love for his motherland and Georgian folk songs inspired him to do that. He was born in a tiny village in Shida which is in the Kakheti region. The idea to create a singing group brought him to Tiflis.

Garedja Steppe, Desert Featured

Georgia Desert, Garedja

Living in Georgia for 4 years I would never come up with the idea that one can find a desert here. Yes, there is a desert in Georgia. The desert is not that desert with sandy beaches but the steppe. Endless expanses of grass cover much of the desert, extending in a narrow band all the way to the Azerbaidzhan border. Although the steppe is not very large and open, the desert is not empty. The views are gorgeous, much of this area is grazed by livestock owned by Svan herders. The climate here is very severe.


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