Chicken Tabaka
Chicken Tabaka Georgian Food

Chicken Tabaka

Georgian Food

Pressed fried chicken.

A lot of recipes could be found online. We took the easiest one. In my childhood, every time we were in Moscow at the main Train Station, we ordered chicken in one of the Georgian Fast food restaurants. To prepare the dish you need to buy a very young hen. The only place where you can buy a young hen is a farmer market. The hen must be no more than 500g. You also need a heavyweight for cooking, a stone or a pot filled with water. The heavyweight supposed to press the hen to the bottom of the pan.


chicken (500g)

1 PC butter

50 g vegetable oil

1 tbsp. salt

For the sauce

garlic 3-4 cloves salt (coarse)

1/3 tsp. water (cold, boiled) 100-150 ml



Take a hen, separate the breastbone with scissors and flatten the hen. The chicken should be as flat as possible.

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