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Hiking Uzbekistan

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Chimgan, Hiking Uzbekistan Chimgan, Hiking Uzbekistan Expats in Tashkent

The area of the mountain system of Uzbekistan is close to the mark of 100 thousand square km, 20 % from Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is one of the mountainous regions in the world, with the exception of Tajikistan. The highest mountain top is the Hazrat Sultan peak. The height is 4643 m. The mountain belongs to the Hissar range and it is located between two countries, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

West Tyan Shanby Tatyana, Chimgan Guide 2019

West Tyan Shan

The Western Tian Shan is a part of the greatest Tian Shan mountain system. The translation of the Tien Shan is heaven/celestial mountains" or "god/spirit mountains. Here one can find all forms of mountain ranges except for the glacial swamps. The highest mountain top is the Chatkal peak, 4503m.
The 300 km long mountain range goes through the territory of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

Chimgan Hiking, Uzbekistan

Ugam Mountain Range

The Ugam mountain range is part of the Western Tien Shan and is located along the border of the two countries Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The mountain range stretches for 100 km to the South-West. The highest pick is the Sairam, 4299m. The mountain ridge in some places contains a lot of crystals. Ugam ridge is located in the Nature Reserve Aksu- Dzhabagly that was established in 1926 in Kazakhstan. The reserve is home for red-listed animals including Snow Leopards, Menzbir's marmot's crakes and blond woodpecker. 

Ugam, Hiking Uzbekistan

Pskem Ridge

The mountain ridge belongs to the Tian Shan mountain system. The length is approximately 160 km. The ridge is definitely number one within all ridges in Uzbekistan. The highest peaks are Beshtor-4299 m, Tavalgan-3888 m, Plosk-3718m. The slope of the ridge is covered with coniferous forest and the valleys look like the Alps meadows.
The tourists prefer starting their route from Ispan gorge. The trails are of different levels and include the Peak of Hope, the Peak Coteau, and the Pass of Mathematics.

Pskem, Hiking Uzbekistan


Chatkal Ridge

Chatkal ridge is located in the Ferghana valley, which stretches up to 120 km. Its Northern slope is very steep. Due to the steepness, Chatkal ridge is never covered with snow. Chatkal ridge is the highest point not only of this spur but also of the entire Western Tianshan. The peak has a very unusual shape, which makes it the most attractive to climbers. Climbers and hikers call it - "the Beauty". This is the most beautiful and scenic ridge in the Tyan Shan range. Chatkal ridge is located on the territory of Nature Reserve that was designated to protect the flora and fauna of the most famous lake Sari-Chelek. The Nature Reserve Chatkal was recognized by UNESCO in 1979.

Chatkal, Uzbekistan Mountains


Big Chimgan is a large massif mountain ridge forming an interesting shape of a dome and belonging to the Chatkal ridge. The highest point is the mount Big Chimgan, (three thousand three hundred and nine-meter), 3309m. The climate here is mild. The Landscape is gorgeous, Uzbeks call this place a Swiss Alp. The smell of herbs and flowers is coming from everywhere. Here one can walk between the rocks and swim in cold mountain rivers, find the caves and discover hidden lakes.

Chimgan Hiking, Uzbekistan

Gissaro Alay

Gissaro Alai Mountain system is located between the Ferghana valley, Tajikistan and Alay Valley. The mountain range stretches for 900 km. The highest peak is the Chimtarga that rises at 5589m. The most popular areas for tourists are Kichik, Dugoba, Matcha, and Kardashian. The region is full of frozen mountain ranges, caves, lakes and glaciers 2330

Turkestan Mountain Ridge, Uzbekistan

Turkestan Mountain Ridge

The Turkestan mountain ridge is famous for its impassable peak "Blok". The climbers try to avoid it. No one dares to become a pioneer of the steepest peak. The mountain range is the continuation of the Alai and is located close to the pass "Guralash". The ridge is divided by the Zarafshan River and the Sanzar river. The narrowest part is called Sanzar.

Zarafshan Mountain Range

Zarafshan is the continuation of the Gissar Mountains. It stretches for 370 km along with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Border. The mountain ridge includes 130 available for climbing but the most popular is the Plato of Devil. According to the legend, the witches lived here. The Ridge is recommended only for professional climbers. Most part of the ridge is covered with ice.

Yangiabad, Hiking Uzbekistan

Gissar Mountain Range

Gissar is the highest region of Uzbekistan with a changing landscape and climate. Low hilly slopes raise up and becoming a part of the rock massifs of enormous dimensions. Hissar Gori combines natural and historical monuments. The most interesting places for tourist are:

  • The cave of the Tamerlan,
  • The cave of Teshik-Tash fancy
  • Village Baisun
  • The high-altitude Maidanak Observatory
  • Tourists can also visit the canyon Kulasai to look at dinosaur footprints.


Nurat Mountains

The Nurat Mountain Range is not very high and includes three ridges: Aktau, Naratau, and Kuratau. Here one can find the most popular nuts and fruits nature reserve. Locals are very proud of the Nature Reserve.

Gissar Ridge Uzbekistan

Hazarat Sultan

Hazarat Sultan is the highest peak in Uzbekistan. Its height is 4643 meters. The peak is included in Fan Mountain Chain and is located between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The place is very important for locals because of David's cave.  2500 steps will bring you to the cave where you can wish all your dreams become true.

Hazarat Sultan, Uzbekistan



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